This year, for the fifth edition of the workshop, we decided to increase the value for the participants by implementing a new presentation format. We call it X-ray sessions. The goal is to facilitate the conversation between workshop audience and presenters. At the end, we hope that all participants leave the workshop with the feeling (best case, even with evidence) that they have learned something.

Each paper presentation has an allotted time between 30 (short paper) and 45 minutes (full paper). Presenters will be coached by a mentor (a member of the RET'18 OC). The content of each presentation consists of:

  1. 10-15 minutes paper presentation (as in regular conferences)
  2. 15-25 minutes X-ray, consisting of one or more of the following activities (this is not an exhaustive list):
    • provide a demo of the presented tool / approach
    • explain and demonstrate pitfalls in the presented analysis / technique
    • include the audience to do a quick tutorial / exercise
    • use polling to get input from the audience (see
    • gather data from the audience as data points for future studies
    • pilot ideas with the audience / user their expertise
    • demonstrate / discuss what has happened since the study presented in the paper has been written up. New developments? Unforeseen obstacles? New ideas?
    • elaborate how does the study presented in the paper contribute to RET
  3. 5 minutes discussion/questions

The OC is looking forward to meet you in Gothenburg!

Session 1

Welcome! Who's who

Michael Unterkalmsteiner, General chair for RET'18


Mentor: Markus Borg

Cluster-Based Test Scheduling Strategies Using Semantic Relationships between Test Specifications

Sahar Tahvili, Leo Hatvani, Michael Felderer, Wasif Afzal, Mehrdad Saadatmand and Markus Bohlin


Mentor: Michael Unterkalmsteiner

Automated Test-Design from Requirements - the Specmate Tool

Dietmar Freudenstein, Maximilian Junker, Sebastian Eder, Jeannette Radduenz and Benedikt Hauptmann


Mentor: Michael Unterkalmsteiner

Test case quality as perceived in Sweden

Anders Adlemo, He Tan and Vladimir Tarasov

Coffee Break (10:30-11:00)
Session 2

Mentor: Gregory Gay

A Case Study of Interactive Development of Passive Tests

Daniel Flemström, Thomas Gustafsson and Avenir Kobetski


Mentor: Tingting Yu

Towards a Functional Requirements Prioritization with early Mutation Testing

Nelly Condori-Fernández, Maria Fernanda Granda Juca and Tanja E. J. Vos

Lunch (12:30-14:00)
Session 3

Mentor: Michael Felderer

Measuring and Improving of Testability for Testing Requirements in an Industrial Context by Applying the Goal Question Metric Approach

Armin Beer and Michael Felderer


Mentor: Michael Unterkalmsteiner

Ambiguous Software Requirement Specification Detection: An Automated Approach

Mohd Hafeez Osman and Mohd Firdaus Zaharin

Coffee Break (15:30-16:00)
Session 4

Lessons learned from the X-Ray sessions: a model for future workshops? (Mentors / Participants)

Workshop closing

Key Dates

Paper Submission: February 512, 2018
Author Notification: March 5, 2018
Camera-Ready Due: March 19, 2018
Workshop Date: June 2, 2018

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